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CannaCream is our best selling, alternative pain relieving cream.  This buttery body cream is all natural, incredibly effective, absorbs within seconds for quick relief. Essentail oils work together with active ingredients to create long lasting (several hours, or days in some cases) relief from *ailments ranging from general muscle and joint pain, back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, RA, disc diseases, to cancer and/or its treatments, and more.



*Legal Disclaimer & more in Product Info

CannaCream. 4 oz Extra Strength

  • This listing is for qty.1 (one) extra strength 4 oz. jar CannaCream.

    Other size/scent options listed under the Pain Relief tab.

    *Legal Disclaimer: Results are not (yet) proven by FDA;These statements are based on customer feedback, uses, and reviews. Consult your healthcare provider before using products like CannaCream, and always beware of counterfeit/"DIY products"- these can be dangerous to your health and body, and may contain harmful toxins.

  • We do not currently accept returns or exchanges; but if you are not happy with your product for any reason, or if there was shipping damage, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right!

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