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Gypsy Regimens is excited to bring you the most effective, affordable, CBD lube on the market:  Better Butter is a 100% natural, intimate lubrication and pain relieving oil. Made with a blend of organic cbd-infused jojoba and sweet almond oils, with therapuetic-grade essential oils that create a fresh, gender-neutral scent.

How It Works*: Better Butter gently increases internal sensitivity to stimulation and prolongs active orgasm in men and women. Decreases painful swelling and/or irritation during and after sex due to anything from childbirth to cervical/uterine/prostate cancers. Better Butter naturally lubricates when the body cannot, and may assist in your body's own production.
Also works amazingly for menstrual cramps (apply internally or directly on tip of a tampon before inserting)... You'll be out of the fetal position and in the gym within 5 minutes flat!
Safe for anyone, anywhere you like.

*Based on our research and feedback over the course of 2 years- involving 120 customers, ages 21-75

Better Butter . Intimate Pain Relieving Lubrication

  • 2 fl. oz. amber glass bottle with leak-proof pump.

    Safety sealed for your protection.

  • We do not currently accept returns or exchanges; but if you are not happy with your product for any reason, or if there was shipping damage, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right!

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