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- About The Brand -

Ingredient Commitment


We are passionate about what "natural" means to us versus large scale companies, so we've searched extensively for ingredients that meet our standards of truly natural and organic quality. Many of our ingredients are sourced locally to us in the PNW, even going straight to the source for some of them such as our local beekeepers for beeswax and honey.

Gypsy Regimens is about creating products that are made safely by skincare chemistry and cosmetologist professionals. We advocate for essential oil safety because they are in fact chemicals (natural, but still chemicals) which can create immense harm when in uneducated hands.

Consider this: Our skin is our largest, most neglected organ and it is always thirsty-  do your future and present self a favor by giving yourself the gift of healthy, comfortable for as long as possible.

*just because they are doesn't mean you should!


Why Gypsy Regimens?


Gypsy Regimens Skincare Co. began in 2011 out of a need for natural products that truly work quickly, and that everyone can afford. I (creator, Turtle Maynard) had tried every heavy duty moisturizer I could get my hands on for dry face but none were what I was hoping for. At age 13 I made my first batch of skincare (the lip balm recipe is the same one we use today!) and I was inspired! After years of crafting, creating, and traveling, Gypsy Regimens was made a full time "gig"; with the success of our Pain Relief product line this experience has been life changing, for myself, those that work here, and for the customers we hear from daily. Your emails and suggestions are what keep us fresh and motivated; if there is a product you'd like to see us create please let us know.

We hear you, appreciate you, and would love to help you heal- from the outside in.


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